NuForce har revolutionerat HiFi-världen med sin analogt switchande förstärkningsteknik. NuForce har lanserat en hel rad med spännande ljudprodukter som alla genomsyras av en enorm vilja att uppnå absolut bästa värde för pengarna!

NuForce was founded with a singular vision: to provide consumers. audiophiles and audio pros stunning sound with classic and elegant design.
Based in Milpitas, California, Nuforce first gained visibility for its patented Class-D power amplifiers in 2005, earning numerous awards from audio publications in the US and Japan. Since then NuForce products have earned the loyalty and passion of consumers while getting top marks from the most prominent publications and audio press in the world.
NuForce is about making highest-quality sound part of an everyday lifestyle. Our growing array of home and portable products bring music and movie sound to life while providing inspiration, transporting you to another place, and making you feel more connected to your recordings and soundtracks, wherever you are.
As music is a universal language everyone can appreciate and enjoy, NuForce products are sold around the world. We remain firmly committed to providing the highest-performance consumer electronics adhering to the most stringent quality standards. and ensuring integrity and value in every product.
Nuforce's mission
To maintain our position as a world class brand by delivering products that
  • Thrill the ear
  • Delight the eye
  • Please the pocket

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