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Quadral Chromium 20 Quadral Chromium 20
Sentrallager 7-12 dager
Produsent: Quadral
Chromium 65 offers extremely fine details, musicality, fantastic dynamics, energy and a precise transient sound.The price is per pair.Type: 2-wayConstruction: Bass reflexPower: 90W (nominal)Frequency range: 34...55,000 HzSplit frequency: 3,700 HzSensitivity: 87dbImpedance: 4 ohmsTreble: Aluminum rib..
20 490kr
Eks. MVA:16 392kr
Produsent: Quadral
 FOR STEREO, FOR SURROUND, FOR CONNOISSEURSGALAN is the smallest member of the AURUM family. Still, the compact loudspeaker is able to effortlessly build and delivery a big stage presence. A well balanced sound picture with amazing depth captivates immediately. Fine resolution through the quSEN..
21 900kr
Eks. MVA:17 520kr
Produsent: Quadral
NØKKELELEMENT Den nye senterhøyttaleren, BASE MAXIME, er perfekt avstemt til de mindre gulvstativene (MONATN, RODAN) i AURUM-serien. Den kompakte 3-veis konstruksjonen har imponerende gjengivelse og spiller med på høyere nivåer. Tale er krystallklar og detaljert – perfekt matchende musikk- eller fil..
24 500kr
Eks. MVA:19 600kr
Produsent: Quadral
Djup, djupare - Qube Orkus DSP Orkus DSP er basmstaren frå Quadral. Musikk og homebio blir påtaglig i ordets retta bemerkelse takket være den lange 12-tommers basshøyttaleren. For optimal tilpasning til posisjon og rom har Orkus DSP flere funksjoner for justering av frekvensområdet.Typ Aktiv-Subwoof..
26 990kr
Eks. MVA:21 592kr
Produsent: Quadral
  COMPACT CLASSThe new AURUM SEDAN 9 is technically a floorstander in a compact size. That’s the impression you get when you’re immersed by voluminous sound as the sound stage unfolds around you. The presence is impressive, the level stability phenomenal. As if they were made of one piece,..
29 990kr
Eks. MVA:23 992kr
Produsent: Quadral
Chromium 85 offers extremely fine details, musicality, fantastic dynamics, energy and a precise transient sound.Three-way bass reflex construction.Rhodium-plated terminals with possibility of bi-amp or bi-wire connection.Chromium 85 plays with extremely fine details, musicality, good dynamics, energ..
32 990kr
Eks. MVA:26 392kr
Produsent: Quadral
The Chromium 105 is a top class speaker, it never compromises the feel of the music. It owes much of its power to its distribution system of three full-sized 170mm drivers that ensure a breathtaking bass experience. The first-class sound quality continues into the treble range with the new E-sense r..
45 990kr
Eks. MVA:36 792kr
Produsent: Quadral
  Orkan 9 ersätter tidigare Rodan 9 som för övrigt blev referensutsedd i Hifi & Musik hösten 2019.  Despite its comparatively slim and compact dimensions of just over one metre in height and only 22 cm in width, the new ORKAN 9 achieves uncompromising acoustic performance and..
62 990kr
Eks. MVA:50 392kr
Produsent: Quadral
ERFARING MED ALLE SANSER - SENTRUMENS SENTRUM Stilig og imponerende - dette er den store, Center BASE TITAN som tar designhenvisninger og knipser blikk fra den originale TITAN. Derfor, forståelig nok, demonstrerer denne BASE TITAN samme musikalitet og evner som vår AURUM toppmodell. Sammen med en TI..
69 990kr
Eks. MVA:55 992kr
Produsent: Quadral
 ENJOY SOUND„Keep calm“ – this is the motto describing the AURUM MONTAN. Effortlessly, and almost casually, this impressive loudspeaker renders everything superbly that it’s supplied through the aluminium terminal. It works extremely harmonically therefore, knowing how to convince and how to co..
71 900kr
Eks. MVA:57 520kr
Produsent: Quadral
  AUDIOPHILE POWERThe more calmly you dedicate yourself to a task, the more authentic and accurate the result. The new AURUM VULKAN is capable of sheer inexhaustible reserves of power and also finesse, which is why it renders naturally and with ease at the highest levels. As a result, it t..
119 990kr
Eks. MVA:95 992kr
Produsent: Quadral
  THE LEGEND IS ALIVE!In 1981 the first TITAN made history. With its presence and its exceptional sound it has inspired trade press and customers equally throughout time. Now, 35 years on, the 9th generation sees the light of day. Again it makes its mark: 145 cm tall, more than 100 kg of p..
169 900kr
Eks. MVA:135 920kr
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