Resonessence Labs

Resonessence Labs is a trading name of BCIC Designs Inc. a company registered in British Columbia Canada. The principal founder of the company is Mark Mallinson, former Operations Director for ESS Technology. The company’s focus is to design and manufacture exceptional audio products. Our design engineers and Investors are industry audio experts at DAC and ADC design, and were front and center in the design of the ESS Audio DAC and ADC.
Our first product, Invicta, a dual channel DAC, has been two years in development. We believe it to be a product offering a level of performance that is unmatched at any price. Leveraging our unique understanding of the Sabre DAC our product has been designed to the exacting standards that will appeal to recording studios and serious audiophiles who want the best performance available.
Our second product, Concero, is the digital processing core of the Invicta made available in the compact format of a USB DAC, USB to SPDIF Bridge and SPDIF DAC. Concero allows customers to access the proven USB Audio 2.0 features of Invicta, and use Resonessence Custom Up-Sampling filters. Investments in 44.1kS/s and 48kS/s digital music never sounded as good as when played through Concero’s up-sampling filters and the customer’s existing headphone or power amplfier.

Our philosophy is simple: put together a team that includes world class audio engineers and design audio products without compromise.

Creating the very best requires careful planning, strict attention to every detail and close supervision at every step; this is why we chose to manufacture our products locally within Canada. Each stage in the development process is monitored by our experienced audio professionals. Each unit is hand-assembled in our own engineering facility to exacting standards of performance and quality.

Audibly superior and reasonably priced, we are proud to present the Invicta and Concero as the first of Resonessence’s audio product lines.

Mark Mallinson,

President Resonessence Labs.

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