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Chord C-view HDMI - HDMI High Speed with Ethernet 8m

Chord C-view HDMI - HDMI High Speed with Ethernet 8m
3-8 Days
Chord C-view HDMI - HDMI High Speed with Ethernet 8m
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  • Model: CHORD-CVIEW-8M
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Buy & try gives you as a customer the opportunity to try out the product in your own home environment, instead of standing in a stressful store and trying to form an opinion. Rooms behave very differently and affect the sound in different ways and we give you the opportunity to demo the product for a full 30 days, in your own home.

If for some reason you feel dissatisfied, just contact us and we will help you with the return shipping, you can also take advantage of our shipping agreements with lower prices. Costs that will be charged to the customer are the shipping to the customer and the return shipping to us at MYC HiFi. For return approval, the item must be returned in new condition and in the original packaging.

Regarding speakers, be aware that speakers may need a long recording time to come into their own. After a couple of hours you can usually get a taste of what to expect, but a speaker deserves 100h+ before serious listening. The speakers we sell with ribbon tweeters need several hundred hours before they start to sing. So feel free to leave the speakers on around the clock so you can quickly accumulate hours.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

Buy & Try applies to the entire Aune, Nuprime, Quadral, Sbooster & TAGA range. (not in-ear headphones). Goods that are normally stocked and not on order goods or goods in the bargain corner, unless otherwise agreed.

We provide at least a 2-year warranty on all products, some products have up to a 5-year warranty. With this, you avoid expensive insurances and can feel safe as a customer. In case of problems during the warranty period, contact us and we will solve it quickly and smoothly.

Aune: 2 years

Denon: 2 years

Marantz: 2 years

NuPrime: 2 years

Sbooster: 2 years

Taga Harmony: Passive speakers 5 years

Take Harmony Electronics: 2 years

Take Harmony Cables: 5 years

Quadral: Passive speakers 5 years

Xindak: Cables 5 years

Other products see the manufacturer's warranty.


The 2-year warranty does not apply to headphones, demo/service copies or consumables, in these cases the manufacturer's warranty applies. On demo and service copies, the warranty period is stated on the product page.

Lamp warranty

If the lamp for your projector breaks during the first 12 months, or the first 1000 hours (whichever comes first), you will receive a new lamp free of charge. If the manufacturer has a more generous warranty, it applies.