Mission of the Melodika
The mission of the Melodika is providing equipment and audio-video accessories, which to the greatest possible extent will meet the requirements of the audiovisual equipment users, in particular: stereo equipment, home theater, consoles to provide high quality home multimedia entertainment.
The objectives of Melodika:
The objective of Melodikais to acquire a competitive advantage in the audio-video market in segments: consumer and installation.
Melodika products are directed to the customers both individual and business. The objective of Melodika is to meet requirements of customers who over technology appreciate audiovisual transmission itself, which provides entertainment at the highest level.
Creating highly complex technological solutions used in audio-video equipment and accessories often significantly increases their cost, completely disproportionate to the achieved results in the form of fidelity of audiovisual quality. On the other hand, the cheapest products available on the market are often made of the worst quality components.
Quality of Melodika products is a response to the expectations of customers who are looking for products based on proven solutions and at the same time made from above-average quality materials with due diligence.

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