April Music



Founded in 1998, April Music is committed to the development of selected products specifically designed for demanding audio enthusiasts by discriminating few whose primary passion is music, not electronics.

April Music customers appreciate the fact that components are in fact furniture, and should harmonize comfortably with any room’s decor.

Every one of April’s Stello and Eximus components fills a specific need in the audio marketplace, and is intended for those who view music as the ultimate aesthetic art form.

Design Concept

Sophisticated audio components require an experienced and passionate team. From engineers to chassis designers, each member of April Music’s technical staff is an artisan, and in most cases is a musician as well.

When designing April Music components, the sole directive is to create that we ourselves will own and enjoy. Musical nuance, timbre, and staging are the elements that set our products apart from the competition. And while we never let price enter into the equation, our products often cost significantly less than our customers would guess.

The team at April Music knows all too well that high-end audio represents a significant investment, which is why we are committed to building products that will last for years to come.

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